The Vendor Neutral Approach

Vendor choices mean savings. We provide a proven, real-world solution for Patient-Centric Image Workflow

Vendor Neutral means Savings

Reducing healthcare costs, improving clinical quality and adopting a more patient-centric view are now universal goals that require immediate, secure access to clinical information.

What is VNA?

The term Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) for imaging refers to an enterprise-level storage and workflow solution that resolves a range of enterprise medical image workflow challenges without locking you into an expensive ‘proprietary’ solution.

Enterprise-Level Compliance

The concept of neutrality is central to a VNA. Systems must comply with enterprise workflows standards by storing information in non-proprietary, interchange formats. This is the essence of “neutrality.” The enterprise workflow challenge prioritizes neutrality in favor of context and data management, simplified migration & immediate access to disparate patient information, regardless of source.

Information Lifecycle Management

Protected Healthcare Information (PHI) retention policies are critical to addressing your medical image needs. Balancing ever-growing storage demands with clinical & legal retention requirements is more important than ever. Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) of clinical data stored on a VNA is a powerful tool for managing PHI retention policies. This allows ILM rules to be applied more uniformly & easily managed from a location, thereby reducing ongoing operational costs.