eXtant PACS Integration & Support

Get the benefits of the eXtantial team’s unparalleled PACS experience

The eXtantial Approach

eXtantial provides all Project Management & Design services that are focused on enhancing your Medical Imaging IT Infrastructure. In the implementation process we coordinate timetables for delivery, installation and training, define vendor schedules, and create facility check lists to ensure the best possible implementation.

eXtant Support

Our prioritized support center leverages the power of WEB to provide first class support. Our average response time is less then 20 minutes, with most service issues resolved in less than 5 minutes.

All eXtant-PACS-RIS software products are 100% supportable and installable remotely, giving you industry leading service and support.

eXtant provided computer hardware stands out in the area of redundancy and quality and rarely requires on-site service. However, as required one-day on-site hardware support is available.

eXtant PACS Training

The interface is easy to understand and use. Average Radiologist training time takes one hour until a functional level of reading comfort is achieved.

Follow up training support is often provided via the Internet. With a telephone and secure Internet connection, user needs are responded to promptly and efficiently.

PACS-RIS Facility Consulting

As a consulting firm, eXtant provides a detailed interview and will assist you with relevant facility & organizational issues needed to exploit Extant.  We then provide specific product information & a formal proposal to best meet your needs.


We offer our RIS integration with our eXtant PACS. The integration allows users to open the selected exam directly from the eXtant RIS worklist Free of charge. RIS Worklist integration supports both desktop and WEB-PACS products.