PACS Gateway & Utility Stations

Vendor choices mean savings. We provide a proven, real-world solution for Patient-Centric Image Workflow

DICOM Digitizer, Frame Grabber & Film Elimination

eXtant offers multiple utility systems configuration to support DICOM-PACS facility requirements beyond the standard DICOM Viewing and Archival purposes. These utility stations may be integrated as a component of a DICOM viewing station or Archive server when the workflow makes sense and as economics call for.

eXtant’S Print To PACS

Scan or Print your Documents to DICOM/PACS

eXtant is proud to offer the First Virtual DICOM Printer to the PACS market called eXtant’s Print To PACS Software. Print To PACS can work with any digital document or application that has the ability to print to a windows printer. It works as a virtual windows printer and converts your document(s) into DICOM images, featuring the ability to query and select the patient / study from a PACS system to attach it to, ability to add a series description, or just create a new exam to be a patient chart within your PACS. Also supports multiple sheet scanning. eXtant now brings a Paperless Solution to any PACS.

MODALITY Workstation – Frame Grabber Station

Modality not DICOM compliant? Not a problem. eXtant offers frame grabber integration that provides the capability to process video and digital output into a DICOM format.

  • DICOM workstation support
  • QC functionality
  • Supports most Non-DICOM modalities
  • Takes place of proprietary DICOM
  • converters costing twice the price.

Film Elimination

PACS typically eliminates the internal need for film. Referral physician film requirements still represent an average of 10%-25% of facility film costs.

To reduce the need for referral film, our workstations provide the CD-creation capability with

DICOM viewer and Windows paper printing. Combined with the WEB-PACS product our strategy is to offer referral physicians a catalog approach that enhances patient care, efficiency and convenience as a rationale for film elimination rather than the elimination of film costs.